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Artist Profile

Heinz Lauener

Born 1977, Bern, Switzerland.

Artist Profile

Heinz Lauener

Born 1977, Bern, Switzerland.

Heinz Lauener is a professional artist.

One can learn a lot about Heinz and his childhood by looking at his works and spotting the recurring themes, logos, texts and buildings. They speak of where he came from and what he has been through. They are like three-dimensional photographs. Heinz lovingly holds on to certain memories in order to protect them from being forgotten.

“The finished picture is already in my head. It just has to get out and put into reality.”

Heinz Lauener about his work.


Heinz’s art history timeline.


Heinz is born in Bern, Switzerland.


Musée Visionnaire, Zürich, Switzerland.


Art Museum Versi, Seoul, South Korea.


I Am Because We Are, Kollektiv ROHLING in Stadtgalerie Bern, Bern, Switzerland.


Psychiatrie Museum Bern, Bern, Switzerland.

Kunstscheune Galerie, Freiburg, Germany.


Dicker’s Studio

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