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Artist Profile

Emmanuel Henninger

Born 1980, Mulhouse, France.

Artist Profile

Emmanuel Henninger

Born 1980, Mulhouse, France.

Emmanuel Henninger is on his way to document the climate change.

I am very concerned about the climate change. My artwork is a detailled representation of Mother Nature. I collect visual fragments all around the world but especially the landscapes in France and Germany are in my focus. They are my home! My artistic journey comprises as many Portraits of natural beauty, visual fragments of forests and whole landscapes with the goal to show how important it is to protect our ecosystem.

“Being on the spot, feeling the wind in my face and smelling the environment is very important for my artistic work. Finding inspiration, interpreting the shape of natural beauty and creating a new perspective on our precious ecosystem is my artistic goal.”

Emmanuel Henninger about his work.


Emmanuel’s art history timeline.


Emmanuel is born in Mulhouse, France.


Exhibition in Ateliers Ouverts, Mulhouse, France.


Exhibition in KunstScheune, Freiburg, Germany.


Exhibition ” Atterir ! ” in CINE du Moulin, Lutterbach, France.



Kunstscheune Galerie, Freiburg, Germany.

“Wie machen wir das morgen ? ” in Aronde, Riedisheim, France.

“Naturwelten: Fragmente von  Landschaften”  in Les Sheds, Kingersheim, France.

Artloft Galerie, Morges, Switzerland.

“Modulare Landschaften” in Cour des Chaînes, Mulhouse, France.

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